Go Featured with Own Website

€20 a Year.

If you would like to make your listing featured and you already have your own webiste choosing this options will promote your listing
above all standard listings for your town or catagory. The image of your business will be linked to your website, taking the viewer 
to your site when it is clicked on. The description section of your listing will contain the words "FEATURED LISTING" in bold Red lettering
Your website address (URL) will be included in your description which will link to your site. The description section background, will be
highlighted in a light blue colour the border will be highlighted red and the words "Address:", "Tel:" and "Website:
will be made bold to make your listing stand out more.

On the main page of each island underneath each town name is the word "Map". This link shows the viewer a map of a particular town.
Featured listings with their own website will also receive a link to their website down either the left or right hand side of the town map in the
"Web Links" columns and providing you supply us with an accurate address we will place a marker on the google map, of the location
of your business, which when clicked on will also show the viewer an image of your business and short description.

New customers to our website may use the 'Featured Listing' form accessible by clicking the "Add business" link on any page.

Existing customers wishing to promote a "Standard (FREE) Listing" to "Featured" may do so by sending the following information to the email address below:

Email to:

Existing businesses Email Featured info to us